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Products and Services

We offer an array of services from basic to advanced processing for life settlements, from pre-purchase to issuance of death claim proceeds. For primary or backup servicing, you can select from many established servicing packages, choose individual services or create customized packages. AVS Servicing is focused on maximizing your portfolio's performance with trust, integrity and our commitment to providing superior service.

Policy Servicing

  • Premium Management
    • Preparing premium payment reports.
    • Coordinating with the client or trustee to ensure that payments are made as scheduled and carriers receive and properly apply these payments.
    • Maintaining account for internal processing of premium payments.
  • Policy Administration
    • Obtaining current cash values, monthly cost of insurance and fees.
    • Conducting reviews of all carrier correspondence.
    • Comparing scheduled, actual and projected premium streams.
    • Monitoring policy status.
  • Premium Optimization
    • Determining the minimum amount required to keep the policy in force based on the policy's specific provisions, costs and cash values.
  • Illustration & Verification of Coverage (VOC) requests
  • Specialized Projects
    • Processing change of owner and/or beneficiary.
    • Placing collateral assignments on policies.
    • Requesting policy loans.


  • Initial File Review
    • An in-depth look at the documents used to procure the policy, checking for consistency and completion.
  • Policy Review
    • Analysis used to understand the terms of each unique product; riders and provisions.
    • Determine the most cost effective way to maintain the policy by minimizing premiums and maximizing value.
  • Annual Statement Reviews
    • Confirmation of policy details and payment reconciliation.
    • Analysis of projections, riders and costs for continued optimization.
  • Insurance Application Review (IAR)
    • A comparative analysis of the life insurance policy application to the medical records for inconsistencies.


  • Insured Tracking
    • Weekly database searches for death notifications.
    • Respectful monitoring of the location and health status of insureds, either through the insured or their designee.
  • Death Claim Processing
    • Death certificate obtainment.
    • Claim forms submission and processing management.
  • Updated HIPAA Releases & Medical Records Obtainment
  • Life Expectancy Reports
    • Submitted and requested from underwriting company of client's choice.

Document Management

  • Electronic filing of all documents received from, and provided to, carriers, insureds and clients
  • Accessibility and security